This game is about the player chasing his future self in order to save.


The player is interrupted by his Future self, who is then is captured by a giant crab. After going through various points in time, the player destroys both the ship and the crab. And after killing a giant shark and the same ship (this time from the inside). Soon, you are rescued by a Man from 20XX as well as your future self and you end up falling into a cave. Immediatley after killing a super-gopher, it continues with you accidently releasing your Evil Clone. You chase your Evil clone around various universes and times, until he seeks refuge in his giant evil castle. The player then has to merge himself with an alternate universe version of himself to dual weild the Laser & Shotgun. The final encounter sends the player and his evil clone across all the universes to finally end up back at the evil clone's castle. The player, seemingly beaten by his evil self, then uses a time machine to go back to the first scene of the game, where the player's past self runs off to save his future self (Not you) from the giant crab. the player is left with the broken house he started in.


This has a different variety of characters and bosses. However, the characters, unlike the unlockable heads, have only one playable character.

The Protagonists:

  • The Player: The Player is the main protagonist of the game (and it's sequel). He is the one saves his future selves destroyes the bosses and ,well, releases his evil self. Use of flight/Weapon of choice: Laser.